The weather in Alcudia.

To enjoy Mallorca, the tourism in Mallorca, the beaches and everything that has to do with enjoying your holidays in Mallorca, you don´t need the sunniest day and the best temperature. The Balearic Islands are bit of spanish paradise, and there are always activities to do and magical places to discover during your days in Mallorca.

At Astoria Playa, we want to make the days that you spend in Mallorca with us unforgettable, and we offer a vacation on the beach with the best weather in Alcudia. Mild temperatures, radiant sunny days for walks and bike routes, magical places for rainy days.

And it isn’t because it’s our paradise, but Alcudia is a wonderful location. Mild temperatures all year even in October, scarce rainfall, moderate wind, and actually, the weather in Alcudia is perfect for an unforgettable holiday.

At Astoria Playa we don’t want that a bad day because of the weather becomes a “nothing-to-do day”. That’s why we look for you all the activities that the island has prepared for you. We want to make from every single day an unforgettable experience, to make your holidays in Alcudia become a memory that you will want to repeat once and again.

The weather in Alcudia “is always with us”

Mild temperatures in the midle of the month of October, to enjoy our terraces, pools, beach walks, tours in Mallorca, romantic getaways, holidays in Mallorca, chill outs in Mallorca and much more that this paradise has prepared for you and yours.

Make your holidays in Alcudia an unique experience. At Astoria Playa we handle everything even the smallest detail. From services of gourmet restaurant, bar, cocktail bar, rooms with jacuzzi in, and several surprises that the hotel has prepared for you.

Enjoy a sunny day on the beach, a natural juice in our pools, a relaxing bath in our jacuzzis. Astoria Playa take care of all our clients as if they were part of our family, we want you to feel in our hotel Only Adults like kings, because if you go on vacation is not to be just like home, is to be deluxe.

Holidays in Alcudia, no limits for fun

Water parks are one of the favorites activities for the little ones,… and not so small!
Have you thought of enjoying a day of fun and adrenaline in Alcudia? Be again a child for a day and do something different, if the weather allows it don’t hesitate. Bring out the child that you have inside and allow yourself to enjoy carefree. Who said that the water park were just for kids? Adults also know to have fun, and we know it. We want you to tell us your experience, we know that it will not disappoint you. There you can enjoy slides, wave pools, mini golf, restaurants … all kinds of entertainment to spend a great day.

In Alcudia you can enjoy all these activities at Hidropark.
Not such a fun of getting wet? Don’t worry, Astoria Playa have it all thought-out! Those who are looking for fun without getting wet can opt for spend such a great time at the minigolf, a simple sport that the oldest and the youngest can enjoy.

If your hobby is cycling, Alcudia offers routes through the mountains and sea views. The good weather of Mallorca makes our location one of the favorites destinations for numerous groups of European cyclists, professionals and amateurs, that come to our island for cycling and prepare themselves for the season. Join us for the adventure!
Mallorca Triathlon Highlight, Thomas Cook Ironman or Sa Trencagarrons, the cyclist climb to the highest point of the island, are some of the cycling events held in Mallorca and Alcudia, which is one of the most important points of the route. Try to make the rute across the Tramontana from our Bike Cencer in Alcudia.
Need more adrenaline? For heights lovers, Alcudia is also the perfect destination. The weather and shortage of cloudy days makes sports and the experiences on the heights one of the most popular activities of the island. Heights lovers can practice in Alcudia air sports like paragliding, hang gliding, balloon or helicopter.
If you like heights, if you want to have a unique perspective of the bays of Alcudia and Pollensa or over the island you can do it by balloon or helicopter. Discover Mallorca’s amazing bird’s eye view.

The climate in Alcudia

Now we are getting a little more technical about the forecast in Alcudia. The climate is temperate and warm in Alcudia. In winter there is much more rainfall than in the Alcudia’s summer. The average annual temperature in Alcudia is 16.6 °C. There are about 675 mm rainfall.
The difference in precipitation between the driest month and the wettest month is 103 mm. The average temperatures vary during the year by 14.1 °C
Located in a privileged enclave of the Mediterranean, Alcudia is the ideal place to practice nautical, water and underwater sports place as it has a simply spectacular natural environment, declared Ecoturístic Municipality, and a comprehensive infrastructure that will allow you to practice the water sport that you want. In our town you can rent boats and moorings, and sports like windsurfing, swimming or diving, from learning courses to advanced and competition. You dare?
Bad weather? Good shopping!
Let’s face it, if your holidays just coincides with a bad weather day in Alcudia, and you aren’t convinced with theother activities, “shopping” is the perfect activity. We know you love the sun, but don’t be afraid of the rain, it could be the best day during your holidays anyway. This is Mallorca, there are a lot of things to do in Mallorca. Your Holidays in Spains dont’t depends of the temperature or the wind and precipitations, depends of you and how much you want to enjoy your holidays with us. The days are large, and the nights even more.

Worried about forecast? Don’t worry, here rarerly the sun doesn´t go up, but if it happens the island will make your day as shining as you want it.
Every cloud has a silver linning.
In Mallorca we are specialists in furs and artisans and crafts products. we are also famous for our cultured pearls that have created an export industry from a traditional industry.

You will find shops in our shopping streets and comercial zones ranging from local produce to articles from multinational firms at very competitive prices. You can’t leave Mallorca without trying a tipical “Mallorca’s ensaimada” or a good wine with designation of origin. The best place to buy these products are the typical Majorcan markets that are held in almost every village. Alcudia’s market is well known, and is held every Tuesday and Sunday.
If you are really passionate about shopping, or want to surprise with some detail your closest people, enjoy our shopping streets that have that flair of the island. A sunny day in Mallorca, on a terrace enjoying the scenery and the cuisine of the town, followed of a walk through the shopping streets of the area and seeing crafts shopping. Are you going to miss it?