Things to do in Alcudia

  • Cycling
Things to do in Alcudia

Perhaps one of the most popular activities in Puerto de Alcudia, is cycling.

Bike routes in the north of the island of Mallorca, ranging from walks along the Bay of Alcudia to visiting the mountains, where the weather in Mallorca in March makes it possible to enjoy pleasant walks

Where is Alcudia? Ask many people, well it is situated in one of the most special places in Mallorca, surrounded by mountains and beaches, and with a lot of tradition and heritage in the streets. Therefore to make any kind of activity is easy. From wáter activities, because in the Port of Alcudia you will find a very long Sandy beach, with calm waters stretching to the port, to mountain activities, available via external companies which we will talk about on our blog. With many restaurants and night time entertainment, where going dancing whilst on holiday will be noted as one of the favourite activities.

Bike Trails

If you decide that cycling is the way for you to discover the North of Mallorca, then that is not a problem, in the hotel we have a service where you can rent bikes or safely leave your own personal equipment. Because as we know the area perfectly, we also provide a service where we recommend

routes and places for you to enjoy your bike rides, an adventure fraught with good images!

Also at the hotel we have an information page where you can find the right bike route for you, and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to consult us .

Wikiloc on this page you will find over 204 bike routes in the Alcudia area . With different levels of difficulty and routes where you can discover the best of Puerto Alcudia and its surroundings.

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