Sun in Alcudia for almost the entire first half of July

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Sun in Alcudia for almost the entire first half of July

The weather in Alcudia

The first half of July in Alcudia will be sunny with pleasant temperatures characteristic for this time of year but not too high compared with last summer. However, it should be noted that on Saturday the 9th and Sunday the 10th rain is forecasted, and for the later part of the day the possibility of a small electrical storm, e.g. to say there will be lightning, but temperatures will remain at a comfortable 23 ° C. This disturbance will affect the entire island including Palma the capital.

The summer storms that occur in Mallorca, are common and shouldn’t come as a shock to visitors as it is a typical Mediterranean summer weather situation, but perhaps this year it presents itself a little early on the calendar. If you go out, it is important to take a raincoat with you, but there is no need for any warm clothes. At the moment the lightning storm occurs it is better to stay in the hotel or in an enclosed area.

Another important tip is that on the days with more adverse weather conditions it is more important than ever to follow the instructions of the authorities and obey the coloured flags that are on the main beaches. If swimming is not allowed then you should not enter the water because the storms can affect the waves and this can produce an unpleasant situation.

For the rest of the fortnight it is presented perfect for enjoyment with sunbathing and swimming on the beach. In addition to any other activity you might want to perform abroad. With highs of 30°C and minimum 20ºC night temperatures, some nights can be as less as 18°C. The humidity will be high, around 70 % most of the time, which is equally common at this time of year, and the winds blow generally between weak and moderate, mainly with a North and Northeast component.

Alcudia is a town where you can always enjoy a good holiday, especially in the summer months. The climate is good and very suitable to enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities, you just have to imagine what you want to do and you can fulfill your desire, for sure.

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