Sports in Alcudia

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Sports in Alcudia

One of the best ways to enjoy both Alcúdia and Mallorca is by doing one of the many sporting activities available. Thanks to the wonderful Mediterranean Sea and the spectacular mountain range that is the Serra de Tramuntana, there is a wide variety of sports to choose from in Alcúdia, and what´s more, they are a wonderful way to discover many of the hidden places in Mallorca.

Alcúdia is in the north of Mallorca, renowned for its amazing beaches, lively atmosphere and, of course, its fascinating history. Within its old walls are such beautiful places such as the church of Sant Jaume. While every Tuesday and Sunday spread through the cobbled streets is the weekly market.

There are countless activities to do in Alcúdia, from strolling through its streets to simply, relaxing on the beaches of Alcúdia. Today we would like to recommend some sports in Alcúdia that we believe you will enjoy. Why not combine your relaxing days in Alcúdia with some great outdoor activities? Read on to discover them all!

Cycling routes in Alcúdia

One of the most popular activities on the island, throughout the year, is cycling in Mallorca. People from all over the world come to explore the island on their bikes. It is thanks, in no small measure, to the many cycling tourists, that there are plenty of superb cycling routes around Mallorca. However, the best ones in Mallorca, are found in Alcúdia

Touring some of the best cycling routes in Alcúdia, thanks to its unique location, you can cycle through the outstanding  Serra de Tramuntana, the main mountain range of the Balearic Islands.

Thanks to the cycling routes spreading out from Alcúdia, you can easily reach places as beautiful as the Puig Major, the highest point on the island. But also, incredible beaches such as Cala Tuent or S´illot, which looks out over the bay of Pollensa.

For the most experienced riders among you, there is the cycling route to the Formentor Lighthouse, which can be quite hard going, but it is worth it for all those who love breathtaking views and incredible sunsets.

Plus, if you are into trail biking there are some amazing routes through the forests and hills surrounding Alcúdia.

Water Sports in Alcúdia

The beaches of Alcúdia are one of its main attractions, not only for the beauty of the beaches, as let´s admit it there is nothing better than a day out on the beach, but also for the variety of water sports available. 

You can go parascending over the bay of Alcúdia or try a ride on the banana boat or the crazy UFO. Only suitable for the more adventurous, we might add! 

From Alcúdia, you can rent a paddleboard or a kayak and tour the coast and discover the small coves and hidden areas. Moreover, there is Windsurfing, Flyboarding, wakeboarding... the list is endless. There is a different water sport in Alcúdia for each day of your holidays in Mallorca. Alcúdia is a paradise for those who love to combine relaxing on the beach with water sports.

Another option to enjoy Mallorca’s coastline to the fullest is by exploring the Mediterranean seabed, snorkelling in Mallorca is a unique way to catch a glimpse of everything that hides beneath the waves, discover the famous Posidonia Oceanica and all the sea life that lives within it.

Boat trips in Alcúdia

Another unique way to discover Alcúdia is by taking a boat trip from the spectacular Port of Alcúdia which offer you the opportunity to visit inaccessible coves or to go to specific places for snorkelling; there is a boat trip for everyone. 

Renting a boat or catamaran to sail around the coastal waters of Alcúdia is another fantastic way to get to know Mallorca from a different angle, you can reach coves and beaches where, due to their difficult access, you will not be able to reach by land and where you will be able to enjoy the most unspoilt beaches Mallorca has to offer. 

If you are a nature lover, then taking a boat very early in the day and enjoying this wonderful time of day searching for the sight of dolphins, has got to be an activity without equal. 

And finally, if you want is to see the mysteries of the seabed, scuba diving in places such as just off the Formentor Lighthouse you may catch a glimpse of incredible species of fish, jellyfish and even turtles.

Horseback Riding Tours in Alcúdia

For lovers of animals, and especially horses, horseback riding in Alcúdia is one of the most exhilarating sports that you can do in this part of the island. Depending on your horse-riding experience, you will find excursions that suit any level. 

One of the most beautiful areas where you can go horseback riding in Alcúdia is the Puig de Sant Martí. Of course, when you organize your horse-riding trip in Alcúdia make sure that the guides know the route and that the horses are suitable for your level of experience. 

Also, make certain, when you organize your horseback riding in Alcúdia, they provide you with the necessary equipment. A helmet, for example, is particularly important when riding in Alcúdia. It is a wonderful way to start enjoying the nature and beauty of Alcúdia and its surroundings. 

Hiking in Alcúdia

Some of the best hikes in Mallorca are in  Alcúdia! Why not have a fantastic day out hiking around the Alcúdia peninsula? What’s more, there are some spectacular hiking trails through the mountain range of the Serra de Tramuntana and along the coastline of Mallorca. 

Some of the easiest hiking trails in Alcúdia are the excursion to Coll Baix or the flat route to the viewpoint of S'Albufera in the nature reserve. If you are looking for some more demanding hiking trails in Alcúdia, you may be interested in climbing the trail up to Talaia de Alcúdia.

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