Cycling in Mallorca

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Cycling in Mallorca

Cycling in Mallorca is not only a good idea, but if you like or are a pro of this sport, it can be one of the essential plans to do on the Balearic island. Touring the Mallorcan seascapes and mountains on two wheels is a magnificent and enriching experience, and today we tell you all about it.

Why say yes to cycling in Mallorca

Mallorca's wonderful Mediterranean climate, warm and with little rainfall, makes it a perfect place to enjoy cycling or cycle touring. With an average of more than 300 days of sunshine a year, thousands of cyclists travel to the island to get on their bikes and ride the most emblematic routes.

On the other hand, it should be noted that, being one of the main cycling destinations in Europe, the island is totally cycling-friendly. First of all, Mallorca has a large network of secondary roads, which makes it a great destination for this practice. In addition, roads, signs and infrastructures are perfectly maintained, and all over the island you will find several maintenance workshops, stores with spare parts or bike and equipment rentals.

In addition, as if that were not enough, there are also countless cafes and clubhouses specially created for cyclists who need a break to relax and recharge their batteries during the ride. Undoubtedly, in the last few years, cycling in Mallorca has boomed again (although it never went away), and even the government is investing more and more in encouraging this type of cycling and sustainable tourism.

Cycling races in Mallorca

Mallorca is practically the summit of cycling in the Mediterranean, which is why it hosts some of the most renowned cycling races and marches every year, such as the Challenge de Mallorca race, which this year will see its 27th edition, or the famous Mallorca 312 cycling tour. These routes, such as the famous Mallorca 312, allow one to discover the most spectacular areas of the island in a different and special way, covering natural landscapes, mountains, rural areas and also coastal areas.

Hotels for cyclists in Mallorca

Due to the immense popularity of cycling in Mallorca, there are also a great number of options in terms of specialized hotels or hotels with advantages for cyclists. As it could not be otherwise, one of the most visited hotels by cycling lovers in the area of Alcúdia (one of the favorites to practice this sport) is the Astoria Playa, in front of the Bay of Alcúdia and very close to Port d'Alcúdia.

The Astoria Playa is a hotel with great advantages for cyclists, since among other things, it has a large Bike Center of 200 m2, or what is the same, a bike paradise in the middle of Alcúdia. The bike center is protected by a quality security system, so you can leave your bike there without any worries. This costs only 2,50€ per day and bike, and with that you can enjoy the Cycling Package.

Cycling Package Astoria Playa, in Alcúdia


The complete cycling package of Astoria Playa includes the use of the Bike Center, the parking space with lock, as well as laundry service, mechanic (free for the first 30 mins) and all kinds of tools for free use. In addition, for when you need to regain strength or hydrate after an outing, it also includes a water bottle and a daily isotonic drink.

Bike rental and guided tours with Wheelssport


Astoria Playa also offers cycling enthusiasts the possibility of renting high quality bicycles and all kinds of equipment, or taking guided routes as emblematic as the one that climbs up to Puig Major, the one that goes to Cala Tuent or to Port de Pollença. For all these services and extra activities, the hotel collaborates with the specialized company Wheelssport. To contact any of these paid services, you can contact the company directly, although in case you need more information, the Astoria Playa team will be more than happy to help.

In case you want to do them individually, all the information regarding the routes can also be downloaded through the Astoria Playa website by providing an email.