S' Albufera nature reserve Alcúdia

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S' Albufera nature reserve Alcúdia

The only Albufera in Mallorca is found in the municipality of Alcúdia,  but what exactly is an Albufera? It is a coastal lagoon, a wetland, a few meters deep, separated from the sea by a natural barrier, such as sand dunes.


This beautiful geographical landmark, in Alcúdia, is a migration site for many species of birds as well as home to many other animals; it truly is one of nature´s wonders.


The Albufera of Mallorca is an extraordinary place to walk or cycle and discover all the different kinds of plants and animals that inhabit the area. So, during your holidays in Mallorca take advantage of the good weather in Alcúdia and visit this wonderful place, to enjoy the scenery and tranquillity and see mother nature at her finest. Would you like to know more? Then read on!


S'Albufera Alcúdia


The only Albufera in Mallorca is in Alcúdia, in the north of Mallorca. This place is of huge international importance, protected by several wildlife organizations. It has been declared a Wetland Area of International Importance, plus it is a Special Protection Area for Birds, as well as a place of local importance. In addition, it is included in the Ramsar convention, which provides the framework for national action and international cooperation for the conservation and wise use of wetlands and their resources.


The Albufera wetland consists of  2,036.23 hectares, mainly wet grassland and marsh, it has changed over its history due to changes in sea level. Its grassland dates back millions of years to the tertiary era, while the current wetlands were formed about 100,000 years ago. All this, and much more, is what makes the Albufera in Alcúdia such a unique and special place.


The most important factor for the wetlands is water combined with the humidity of the soil, it supports constant growth for the flora and fauna of the Albufera of Mallorca.  The flora and fauna vary depending on water depth, nearness to the sea and the terrain.


In the Albufera of Alcúdia, you can find some of the most common plants, trees, and flowers in Mallorca such as fen sedge, tamarisk, or elm are distributed throughout the Albufera of Alcúdia and lie in different places, depending on the type of soil that they are most suited too.


An example of the great diversity that exists in the Albufera of Mallorca was the discovery of a new species of fungus in 1992. Psathyrella halophila; a small brown mushroom of great scientific importance.


As for the fauna, in the Albufera of Mallorca, you can find everything. Fish such as mullet, a popular fish in Mallorca, as well as eels, frogs, snakes, turtles ... and more than 22 different breeds of mammals. And as for invertebrates, there are many species: beautiful dragonflies, butterflies and dipterous, are some of the most common.


But the most distinctive animals to be found in the Albufera of Mallorca, are the birds. More than 10.000 birds winter each year in S´ Albufera Nature Reserve. All this without counting the migratory birds that make short stays before resuming their onward journeys throughout the year. Peregrines, Herons, Black Vultures, Egrets, Osprey and Kingfisher are some of the birds you may be lucky to spot on your visit.


Mallorca's Nature reserve


In 1988 the Albufera de Alcúdia was declared a new Nature reserve in Mallorca.  But how does a place get to be declared as a Nature reserve? Each location must have special biological or landscape characteristics plus it also needs to have a unique biosphere,  Nature reserves are created to guarantee the protection of the environment and to allow the flora and fauna to thrive.


Because it is a Nature reserve, it can only be visited on foot or by bicycle, we must respect the flora and fauna of the Albufera of Alcúdia. In the Albufera Nature reserve in Mallorca, you can take guided tours, but you can also go on excursions on your own, or in a small group. There are different routes of varying difficulty and duration.


Strolling through the S´Albufera Nature Reserve is an amazing and unique experience. It awakens all the senses. You need to keep your eyes wide open to spot the maximum number of animals and plants possible. All while listening to the birds and trying to differentiate each of them by their unique calls. What more could you ask for?


The entrance to the Albufera of Alcudia is free, however as it is a Nature reserve you must ask for a permit to be able to walk through it. But don´t worry they are easy to get from the reception located at the entrance to the reserve, the opening hours are from 9 am to 5 pm in winter, and from 9 am to 6 pm in summer.




The only Albufera in Mallorca is in Alcúdia, famous for its incredible beaches. But it is also full of history as well special as places such as the coastal lagoon that makes up the Albufera.


Apart from the famous beaches of Alcúdia, such as the Alcúdia beach itself, the beach at Es Clot or the S´illot beach, you will find plenty of other places worth discovering. The old town of Alcúdia with its large and impressive medieval wall, the incredible Roman city of Pollentia and all this, just a short distance from the spectacular mountains of the Serra de Tramuntana.


In addition, in the old town of Alcúdia,  the  Alcúdia market, one of the largest in Mallorca is held  Tuesday and Sunday mornings throughout the year, you can walk and enjoy an extraordinary atmosphere. With many stalls and a variety of artisan products,  you will find everything you are looking for at the Alcúdia market. 


On the Paseo Marítimo in Port d Alcúdia, located just a few meters from the sea, you will also find a variety of places to sit and rest. In Port de Alcúdia you can walk around the harbour and see the typical Mallorcan boats known as "Llauts". But if what you are looking for is to rest and sunbathe, then the Alcúdia beach is the perfect spot to lie back and forget about everything.


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