Adults Only When the Holidays are a sure for stress

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Adults Only  When the Holidays are a sure for stress

Holidays can consist of many different things, ranging from staying at home close to a nice cooling fan, with a book in one hand and a soft drink in the other, to make a trip to some remote paradise destination, which perhaps might bring exciting adventures and even some romance. But often, the holidays are to rest and recover from the daily burden, before returning to the fray of early mornings, eternal days and a great deal of anxiety.

And for those who seek to counteract the daily stress , it is best to stay in an establishment specialised to care for such guests, which today these hotels are known as ‘ “Adults Only” Hotels, where access to families with children are not allowed. The type of clientele for which there is a lot of hotels specially prepared, and more so in Spain, and the vast majority of hotel chains reserve their best known holiday brands.

At the other extreme, a small number of establishments prefer to devote themselves exclusively to singles, couples or groups of adults looking to enjoy a few days off without suffering the noise and inconvenience usually generated by children; and this does not imply or much less a flat refusal to children and their individual way of fun, just the realisation of a wish: that a holiday constitutes a cure for stress.

And, in the North of Mallorca, the best setting for a holiday like this is the Hotel Astoria Playa Adults Only. Located in Alcudia, all its favilities have been specially adapted to cater for these guests. Pools, gardens, spa, dining … everything in this hotel invite the enjoyment without discomfort and with great tranquility. And that is what makes the customers stay unforgettable.