Adults Only to set a trend

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Adults Only  to set a trend

The calendar is telling us every year when it’s Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, but many of you may not know that there is also the Tourist Day, and in Alcudia it is celebrated this year on Saturday the 25th of August. Rejoice and enjoy this curious holiday day event, in the county of Northern Mallorca, which is the best imaginable tourist destination in the Mediterranean. The truth is that you do not expect to receive gifts. It is the Tourist Day and who knows who will not even congratulate you. But do not worry, the tradition is recent, it was introduced in 2014, and is still unknown to many people.

What we can assure you is that you will have a very goodtime in many ways. Because if there is something that abounds in this festive day is recreational activities designed for visitors.The Tourist Day celebration is integrated into the program of the festivities of Alcudia, thus guaranteeing a good atmosphere. And most events take place on the beach of Puerto de Alcudia (Cuidad Blanca). Between 15:30hrs. And 18:30hrs. There are many games and activities for both children and adults, among which is highlighted the sports competitions, fitness, children’s shows … and, finally, participants will be offered a buffet of fruit, to replenish their strength! At Night the Tourist Day will continue on the promenade, where you will find the night market, and from 20:30hrs musical performances for children will also be offered. Then we have organised a party so big, that the City Council say it should not be missed. This whole program of activities is scheduled for the 25th of August, it sounds good, don’t you think?