Adults Only The peace and quiet has a price

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Adults Only  The peace and quiet has a price

Children are the joy of our home and are vital to continue the species; we must love them, educate them and protect them. But at the same time, they can be a little hard to bear, especially when on holiday. They have all the time in the world to have fun and play and especially more so when you have a large gathering of them from different families. These children’s summer friend memories are remembered for life, even if they lose contact on retuning home.


But what takes place when people who do not have any children and are not used to noise or the nuisance that be caused from the children enjoying themselves without restrictions, well basically someone loses; and in this case, it is mostly these adults who bear the brunt . This is the basic reason for the existence of the hotels ‘”Adults Only”, which on the contrary the services are very similar to other establishments, but with the exception of no children’s entertainment and pools.

Adults Only Hotel


The idea already existed, but it is in this decade that it has progressed and, in fact, more and more hotels are now being promoted as “Adults Only”, without depreciating at all those dedicated to family tourism, which now include specialised family holiday hotel chains now opening hotels exclusively for adults. In as much as, in this group you will find couples or couples with children who want to enjoy a few days of tranquility without the company of their offspring and those of others.


The best setting to enjoy a holiday of this kind in Alcudia and throughout North of Mallorca is the Hotel Astoria Playa Adults Only, which has been specially adapted to cater to guests with these facilities. The key to the whole thing is that the customers are looking for a holiday without screaming, tears or sudden tantrums but also without laughter and expressions of joy but, in all cases serene.