The weather will maintain the same and will therefore produce nice temperatures in Alcudia, and all the north of Mallorca, during the first half of September, thus continuing the trend that has been taking place over the summer, and for most of 2016, on the one hand a year characterised by drought, and on the other temperatures generally not excessively high. In the three warmest months the island has not suffered any African heat wave, while in 2015 they occurred one after another from June onwards.

The first week of September begins with daytime temperatures which can be considered mild, since the maximum will range between 28°C and 32 C; while the night fall will drop around 19°C to 24°C, which will also be moderate, but very nice and inviting to spend holidays in this emblematic tourist destination in the north of Mallorca

In addition, there will be no rainfall throughout the fortnight, most days the sky will remain clear, with winds that will blow with a variable component. Instead, the humidity will be high throughout the whole period, exceeding 80% overnight and, in some cases even 90%. This will cause the sensation that the heat index is higher than the actual temperature to be recorded at the time, thus increasing the heat felt by holidaymakers and residents.

Therefore, it is advisable to wear light and flimsy clothes, with a short sleeve and leg, and a hat or visor and sunglasses if you are going to spend long periods of time outdoors. In the most sunshine hours you should take shelter in the shade. It is important to always bring clean water to avoid dehydration and, if you are going to do sunbathing, please do not forget to use a good sunscreen.