What are the Travelers’ Choice Awards?


They are the annual awards given by the No.1 web rating (Tripadvisor) based on their views and scores. Millions of people travel around the world visiting hotels, restaurants, beaches… and they give their opinion on the places of where they have been thus providing good information to travelers who are planning their next getaway.


For the second year, the 4* Superior Hotel Astoria Playa has the pleasure and excitement of receiving the Travellers Choice Award 2016 from Tripadvisor as the 8th best hotel in Spain. Seeing this has rewarded our hard work to make sure the stay of our guests in our hotel is perfect and distinct, because our passion is to give our guests the attention they deserve. This award shows that we are on the right track.


We greatly appreciate all our customers who have placed their confidence in us and for the efforts to record their experiences on TripAdvisor.

Thus, we continue to work with great enthusiasm for the forthcoming season, which is just around the corner.