Although Mallorca is a relatively small island, there are countless secrets and wonders to discover that will leave you lost for words.  Many visitors to Mallorca are captivated by its charm from the first moment they arrive.


There are so many special places on the island that visitors can sometimes feel overwhelmed by the question of what is there to see in Mallorca? Before starting your holidays in Mallorca, you should know that no matter how much time you spend here, it will never be enough to see all that Mallorca has to offer its visitors. To help you make the most of your holidays, we have complied a list of recommendations of  what to see in Mallorca.



What to see in Mallorca?

Alcúdia is  located in the eastern part of Mallorca and is  for various reasons one of the most famous locations on the island. One of them is the great tourist experience that it offers, with a multitude of accommodation and entertainment options there is something for everyone. Another element that makes Alcúdia such a special and well-known area on the island, is the enormous number of secrets it keeps. In Alcúdia  not only can you enjoy spectacular beaches that will take your breath away, but you can also have a great time discovering its most iconic places. When we ask ourselves what there is to see in Alcúdia? There are many options that come to mind.


Pollentia, Mallorca

If you are passionate about history and you love discovering  the secrets of ancient civilizations, you  should not miss the opportunity to visit Pollentia Mallorca in Alcúdia. The Roman city of Pollentia is an archaeological site dating back to 123 BC, it was founded by the Roman consul Quintus Cecilius Metellus. This remarkable archaeological site extends over about 20 hectares where you can see some of the remains of the Roman  buildings like the forum or the theatre. Pollentia gives you a great insight to how life was like in the cities of Ancient Rome.


Alcúdia old town

Another of the wonderful places to see in Alcúdia is its old town. The old town of Alcúdia is surrounded by an imposing  medieval wall, which dates from the year 1362, when Jaime II reigned in Mallorca. Alcúdia is full of history, strolling through the wonderful old town of Alcúdia is the best way to discover and enjoy its most beautiful hidden corners. We  recommend you  lose yourself in the narrow and winding streets of the old town of Alcúdia in search of the town hall. The Alcúdia town hall is a Renaissance style building and we are sure you find it fascinating.  


La Victoria, Alcúdia

Another impressive places to see in Alcúdia is the area surrounding La Victoria, a nature reserve where you can explore the wonderful natural landscape of Alcúdia. One of the excursions you really must do is the hike up to the top of the highest mountain in the area here you will find La Talaia, an ancient watchtower, from here you have an excellent panoramic view of the entire Bay of Alcúdia and the neighbouring Bay of Pollensa. The watchtower was constructed many centuries ago to keep a look out for marauding pirates.


Very close to the la Talaia of Alcúdia you will find the Mirador de la Victoria, a restaurant with unsurpassed views and excellent cuisine. For an excellent day out, why not to go for a dip in one of the  coves near to la Victoria and then recharge your batteries by enjoying magnificent  meal at the Mirador de la Victoria.



Cycling Routes in Mallorca

Cycling is gaining popularity around the world, and Mallorca is one of the best places to cycle. What makes it the ideal place to cycle is that you will find umpteen cycling routes In Mallorca. The magnificent Serra de Tramuntana offers ideal roads for cycling especially for those who like a challenge. The Serra de Tramuntana is the mountain range that runs along the island from end to the other and is full of enchanting places. Following one of the cycling routes in Mallorca that runs through the incredible Serra de Tramuntana allows you to discover some of the many hidden gems that Mallorca has to offer.


Cape Formentor

The Cape  Formentor is located at the eastern end of the Serra de Tramuntana and another  is a must-see during your stay in Mallorca. Cape Formentor lies in the municipality of Pollensa, right next to Alcúdia, and has  one of the most spectacular cycling routes in Mallorca. Along the route to Cape Formentor, you will find some of the most impressive viewpoints on the island, such as Es Colomer or La Talaia d'Albercutx.  At the tip of Cape Formentor is the imposing Lighthouse of Formentor, which stands alone in this beautiful landscape. Touring the Cape Formentor by bike is the best way to see it,  in the  summer only bikes  and buses are permitted to travel the route. If you choose to travel this outstanding route by bike, you can pedal at your own pace, stopping whenever you want to take in the amazing views,  the  sunset  at Cape Formentor is  out of this world it will leave you speechless , an experience you will never forget.



The Astoria Playa Hotel

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