The Mediterranean island of Mallorca is a paradise, ticking all the right boxes for your fantastic vacation. Many would have you believe that Mallorca is all about its spectacular beaches and coves, however, nothing is further from the truth. How about going on amazing excursions, to some of the most magical corners of a UNESCO world heritage site, the Serra de Tramuntana?  And if that wasn´t enough, if food is your thing, then Mallorca won´t disappoint you, your taste buds will be spoiled for choice by the variety of dishes on offer. Thanks to the island´s charms, many people spend their holidays in Mallorca, so you will always find restaurants suitable for all tastes and pockets.



Restaurants with sea views in Mallorca

The coast of Mallorca is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the Mediterranean. Incredible beaches, hidden coves with crystal clear waters, imposing cliffs all go to shape this fantastic place. Having this incredible scenery, it would be a shame to miss the opportunity to visit at least one restaurant with sea views in Mallorca.


The range of restaurants is tremendously varied, ranging from luxurious restaurants where you can savour the latest gastronomic trends, to beach bars where you can eat with your toes poking into the sand. These sea view restaurants are the perfect place to enjoy a delicious fish dish, made from  freshly caught fish from the waters around Mallorca, even the most discerning of diners won´t be disappointed. Thanks to the geography of Mallorca, fishing and preparing fish has a long history on the island which translates into a fantastic knowledge of the product and how it is best prepared. 


The Balearic Sea is the perfect backdrop for a romantic evening at one of the incredible restaurants with sea views that you can find in Mallorca. Why not surprise your partner with a romantic getaway to the coast of Mallorca, where you can enjoy an evening by the sea, a truly an unforgettable experience?



Exotic restaurants

Mallorca has a great mix of cultures  and a  huge number of restaurants from different parts of the world. Take a walk around the busy Santa Catalina neighbourhood, the epicenter of trendy bars and restaurants in Palma and  you will find a wide range of exotic restaurants. From Indian food to traditional Senegalese recipes, it doesn't matter what you feel like eating, there will be a restaurant for you. Or why not be adventurous and try something new? Perhaps you will discover some delicious dishes that you never imagined even existed.



Mallorcan food restaurants

The traditional food of Mallorca includes the key elements of the Mediterranean diet: fresh and seasonal vegetables, fresh fish, and olive oil,  all these ingredients make the typical Mallorcan food both healthy and tasty. On top of that, Mallorca's food has a rich history that includes both Roman and African influences, so while in Mallorca you shouldn’t pass up on the opportunity to visit one of the typical Mallorcan food restaurants found on the island.


Gastronomy is a very important part of the culture of a region and that is why we believe that your visit to Mallorca would not be complete if you did not try some of the typical delicacies of the island. Dishes such as fried Mallorcan frit, trampó, tumbet and Mallorcan soups are not only the perfect way to recharge your batteries, but they are also dishes that tell stories of how the people of Mallorca have lived for hundreds and hundreds of years.  Visiting a local Mallorcan food restaurant on the island has to be on your list of things to do whilst in Mallorca, you won´t be disappointed.



Hotel Astoria Playa

Alcúdia's restaurant scene is not lacking in variety and from the Hotel Astoria Playa, you are in easy reach of some of the best restaurants, not only on the island, but in the whole of Spain.


If you want to explore the island a bit more, you can also easily reach Palma from The Astoria Playa, there you will find countless restaurants to suit all pockets. In Mallorca, finding somewhere to eat is never a problem!


But if you just wanting to relax and unwind and are not keen on going too far then don´t worry, the Hotel Astoria Playa has an extensive gastronomic range that may just surprise you. Eating out in Mallorca is a pleasure, whether it is in one of the many restaurants in Mallorca or at your 4-star hotel in Alcúdia.


Come to the Blau Blue buffet restaurant and enjoy Mediterranean and international cuisine, with creative and delicious dishes;  our show cooking is not to be missed either!


Whether you are looking for the best restaurants in Mallorca or if you prefer to relax in a privileged environment and with a gastronomy  to match, we are waiting for you at Hotel Astoria Playa. Enjoy the island with all five senses!