If you are planning to spend a few days on the wonderful island of Mallorca, then keep reading! The capital of Mallorca, Palma de Mallorca should be right at the top of your list of places to visit. Palma is a vibrant city full of life and charm, effortlessly accessible with a melting pot of cultures and historic influences. Palma de Mallorca offers an endless list of things to see and do , we can guarantee you will never be bored!


Here at the  Hotel Astoria Playa, we recommend that you set aside some time during your stay on the island to visit its capital. Spend a day discovering Palma with its cobbled streets, hidden charmswith the Mediterranean Sea at its feet; a visit to Palma de Mallorca will be an unforgettable experience. So much to do, so little time? Then head to the old town for a walk around and then wander down to the promenade and sit at a seafront café, breathe in the sea air, relax, and enjoy a glass of Mallorcan Red Wine.



Palma de Mallorca


The historic centre of Palma de Mallorca is incredible, take a stroll through the mazeof quaint medieval streets, admire its grand historic houses with their shady courtyards, sit in a sunny plaza and enjoy a cold drink with some local tapas. The old wall  can still be seen protecting part of the city, while the impressive Cathedral of Mallorca looms over those wallslooking directly out over the Bay of Palma. Palma holds many surprises for those visitors willing to invest a little time wandering its streets.No visit to Palma would be complete without a visit to its spectacular cathedral, La Seu, it is without question the jewel in the crown of the city, this impressive Gothic temple has one of the largest and most beautiful rose windows in Europe giving the cathedral an incredible, almost magical inner light.


In addition to the beauty of the old town and the beautifulCathedral of Mallorca, you will find a wide range of leisure activities in Palma de Mallorca! From shops of all kinds, local markets to incredible restaurants.  Treat yourself to an Ensaimada from one of the local bakeries; the options are endless. The seafront of Palma de Mallorcahas many delicious restaurants where you can try the local cuisinewhilst enjoying the views out over the bay of Palma;an activity that should be on the top of every visitor´s `to do`´ list in Palma.!



Beaches of Mallorca


In addition to the beauty and charm of the city, and all the activities to do in Palma de Mallorca, the island of Mallorca is famed for its beautiful beaches and coves. The beaches of Mallorca are one of the island's greatest attractions, why ? the answer is simple, stunningturquoise waters, golden sand, and idyllic coastal landscapes. If you are one of those who adore good weather, sun, sea, and  lazy days on the beach then you will undoubtedly love visiting the island.


From small rocky coves hidden between cliffs, to extensive white sand beaches, the beaches of Mallorca never fail to impress those who are willing to seek them out. Who doesn´t love to enjoy the rays of the golden sun, feeling the tightness of the salt on their skin after a swim in the sea, or a walk along the coast? The pleasant Mediterranean weather in Mallorca is more than perfect for any vacation: Mallorca's temperatures allow you to enjoy its beaches outside peak season, July and August, offering you the opportunity to get to know the island when it is less busy and the tourist numbers have dropped. With the arrival of autumn and the slight drop in temperatures, the beaches of Mallorca are less crowded, although there are plenty of sunny days when you can still enjoy a dip in the calm waters of the Mediterranean or take a long walk on the golden sand. Mallorca's beaches are undoubtedly one of the island's greatest attractions and something that you cannot miss out on during your holidays.



Alcudia beach


It is very hard to choose the best beach on the island, they are all wonderful, each one offers something different from the others, but if we had to make a decision, it would be Alcudia Beach.  Probably one of the most beautiful beaches in Mallorca and the perfect place to spend an unforgettable day with  your loved ones.


At Alcudia beach we can almost guarantee you will have a great time, the number of activities you can enjoyis endless! You can relax on one of the many the sun loungers that are available to rent on Alcudia beach or do one of the many activities on offer. A boat trip orpaddle surfing are just some of the pursuits available for those who are a little bit more adventurous. For a day on Alcudia beach that you will never forget, all you need to take with you is your swimsuit, a towel and sun protection!



What to do in Alcudia?


Are you wondering what is there to do in Alcudia besides spending a day at the beach?Well, the answer is lots! Although smaller than Palma, Alcudia is just as beautiful and as historicas the capital itself, also it offers just as many things to do in Palma deMallorca. Alcudia is very vibrant,yet at the same time calm and relaxing, the perfect place to spend a few days resting and to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the world. Whether it is the pleasant climate or the beautiful landscapes,this corner of the island breathes tranquillity and serenity, the perfect spot to spend your holidays and recharge your batteries!



Visit the old town of Alcudia

In addition to relaxing and enjoying the sun and Alcudia Beach, Alcudia is perfect for sightseeing. The old  city is beautiful and has many incredible hidden corners worth discovering. Strolling through the centre and its cobbled narrow streets, visiting the squares and the medieval walls that surrounded the old town is something that shouldn’t be missed, especially if you are looking for an opportunity to capture some wonderful memories in Alcudia.


Excursions in Alcudia

If you are one of those people who like to be on the move even when on holiday, then this area is for you;perfect for cycling, hiking, and exploring.  To be honest, the island, in general, is great for all loversof nature and thegreat outdoors. With beautiful landscapes and plenty of mountain trails that run through the Mallorcan mountains, always keeping with the imposing Mediterranean Sea in the background, excursions around the island are a real joy and one of the best ways to get to know Mallorca.


Eating out in Alcudia

Thanks to its popularity, Alcudia offers a huge range of restaurants, suitable for all tastes and pockets. Whether you want to taste local food or you would prefer to try international dishes, you will find a restaurant for you. In Alcudia there is something for everyone, even the fussiest of eaters won´t be disappointed! There is nothing better than after a day touring the island and enjoying a dip on the beach than enjoying a delicious dinner at one of the best restaurants in the area, an unbeatable experience!



Hotel Astoria Playa


If, you decide to visit the island and discover all there is to do in Palma de Mallorca,then at the Hotel Astoria Playa, you will find the perfect hotel to stay at during your holidays. We have everything you need for an incredible vacation, delicious restaurants offering a wide range of gastronomic delights, a pool where you can cool off and sunbathe, and even a fully equipped bike centre for cycling enthusiasts!At the HotelAstoria Playa, we take care of everything right down to the smallest detail, our guests always enjoy some of the best service on the island.


The  Hotel Astoria Playa  has all the comforts you could wish for, well-appointed rooms to relaxand unwind in and it is just located a few meters from the incredible Alcudia Beach. We love to take care of you and always offer you the best experience, we are passionate about pampering our guests and making sure they have everything they need.  Staying at our Hotel Astoria Playa will be an unforgettable experience in Alcudia.


Come and visit us and discover paradise!