Lovers of natural landscapes find Mallorca a perfect place to reconnect with nature. Although the Balearic Islands are well known for their beaches and for being especially touristy areas, they are also a paradise for wildlife, vegetation and native species, with many paths to follow and nature reserves to get lost in.


Nature lovers should not miss out on a visit to Mallorca's natural parks. These protected areas are home to a great deal of wildlife and very unique ecosystems, as well as a wide variety of natural landscapes of your dreams. If you also want to see the wildest side of the island, from our Hotel Astoria Playa we recommend the best places to visit so that your stay on the island becomes an unforgettable experience.



Nature reserves


If you want to enjoy Mallorca from a completely different perspective, avoiding the most touristy and exploited areas of the island, you have to visit its incredible nature reserves. Few people know that the island, apart from being a sun and beach tourism destination, is home to a large amount of wildlife and places of great biodiversity. The fauna and flora of Mallorca, very influenced by the Mediterranean climate, form landscapes rich in vegetation of all kinds, leafy forests and mountain areas full of species of fauna typical of the island.


To enjoy the authentic beauty of Mallorca, we recommend that you visit the island out of season, when the less hot climate allows you to enjoy long walks in the mountains. Given the size of the island, Mallorca's nature reserves and natural parks are many and varied. Below we will tell you about the places worth visiting during your stay in Mallorca. Don't miss them!



Cabrera Archipelago


The Maritime-Terrestrial National Park of the Archipelago of Cabrera is a natural park in Mallorca that remains virtually unchanged today. This is the only National Park in Mallorca and it is an area specially protected for its natural and landscape wealth.


This group of islands and islets is home to a large number of animal species, the island's endemic lizards and colonies of sea birds that nest in the area such as hawks, gulls or ospreys. In addition, the seabed is exceptionally rich. The area is home to a large number of aquatic species and endless meadows of Posidoniaoceanica, a seagrass species. In its crystalline waters you can see fish of all kinds, starfish, and even bottlenose dolphins and sea turtles that sometimes visit the coasts of the Cabrera Archipelago.


The area surrounding the island is protected, so you cannot anchor off its coast unless you have a special permit. Even so, during the summer months you will find a ferry that leaves every day from SesSalines and Portopetro and brings tourists and the curious closer to the islet of Cabrera. Once there you can walk along the marked trails and visit some coves and dive in its waters. If you look closely, you will be able to appreciate the different species that inhabit the island and its seabed.



Albufera de Alcudia


The Albufera de Alcudia Natural Park is the perfect place for fans and lovers of ornithology. This wetland, which is halfway between the areas of Can Picafort and Alcudia, is home to a total of 271 varieties of bird species typical of the Balearic Islands, making it a very rich natural environment. The different depths of the waters, the terrain and the humidity of the soil and the direct contact with the Mediterranean Sea mean that the vegetation varies depending on the area, although this is one of Mallorca's natural parks where marshland is predominant. This park receives fresh water from rainfall and the large number of streams and springs in the area, which flood the soil of Albufera de Alcudia.


The Albufera de Alcudia Park can be crossed on foot or by bike, always following the marked paths. During the tour you can see birds like the osprey, different types of migratory birds that rest during their journey in the Albufera, and you can even see birds roosting by the streams and small ponds.



Sa Dragonera


Sa Dragonera is an island that, due to its aridity, relief and surrounding sea beds, has an exceptional natural and landscape wealth. A large number of plant species have been identified on this islet, which belongs to the group of natural parks on Mallorca, including some endemic to the Balearic Islands. In addition to species of marine birds, such as gulls and ospreys, an indigenous species of lizard from this island can be found here. Several trails run through the island from which you can appreciate the natural wealth and species of fauna and flora found there, as well as the incredible landscapes of the Mallorcan coast with the Mediterranean Sea in the background.


You can access the island of Sa Dragonera with your own boat or by hiring the services of boats that make the journey to the island from the Port of Sant Elm. Once there you will enjoy a natural and completely wild landscape that you will never forget. In addition, you can visit the visitors' center in the port itself to enjoy an even more complete experience and learn more about the diversity of one of Mallorca's most beautiful natural parks.



Mondragó Natural Park


The Mondragó Natural Park is located in the municipality of Santanyí, near CalaFiguera, and is of great ecological value. It has been declared an area of special protection because of the migratory and typical wetland birds that frequent the area, in addition to the great variety of species of fauna and flora that it shelters. It is worth noting that more than 70 different species of birds have been catalogued within the Mondragó Natural Park, making it a must for bird lovers.


Within this protected area are beaches of incredible natural beauty and the spectacular bay of S'Amarador. In addition, you can see animal species such as goats typical of the Balearic Islands and, if you are lucky, you may even see some of the sea turtles that have resettled in the area.



Hotel Astoria Playa


From our Hotel Astoria Playa we want you to have the opportunity to get to know the beautiful natural parks of Mallorca and enjoy the authentic beauty of the island. At our hotel we will be happy to recommend the best areas for walks and excursions, in unique natural surroundings and getting to know the characteristic flora and fauna of the island. In addition, we offer all the services for you to rest and recharge your batteries after a long day walking through wild natural landscapes.


There is nothing better than a holiday in which you can disconnect from the world and connect with nature, in the unique environment of Mallorca. At Hotel Astoria Playa you will find everything you need for a dream stay that you will never forget.