Mallorca is the ideal destination for an unforgettable getaway, one of those holidays that leaves you with incredible memories that last a lifetime. A trip to Mallorca may be just what you need to disconnect and recharge your batteries. Whatever your tastes and hobbies, you will find something to do on Mallorca, whether it be gastronomic adventures, hiking trails, exploring coastal areas by bike or sitting on a beach full of life.


If you prefer tranquillity to hustle and bustle, you will find hidden coves and small beaches, these are less well known but just as impressive as the more popular ones. Mallorca has a lot to offer and is the perfect tourist destination for all those who want to enjoy a unique experience in paradise.


There is no simpler place than the beautiful island of Mallorca, where you need nothing more than good company and the desire to have a great time to have an unforgettable holiday experience. On the island, you can enjoy the calm and warm Mediterranean climate, the beautiful coves, the rocky coasts, and opportunities to discover new places and enjoy the island, who wouldn't want to enjoy such an idyllic location?


At the Hotel Astoria Playa, located in the Alcudia area, we love to take care of you, we have everything you need to enjoy your care free holiday in Mallorca. In our hotel you will find, in addition to perfectly equipped rooms, all the services needed for a relaxing and completely stress-free holiday, the hotel staff are always ready and eager to help you. At the Astoria Playa, you can relax whilst we take care of you and show you the best way to discover the island and return home with more energy than ever, and more importantly with a suitcase full of memories and experiences that will stay with you forever.


Even knowing that here, on the so-called island of calm, you can be happy doing very little and all you need to enjoy yourself is the desire to have a good time, carrying everything you need in your suitcase when you travel can sometimes help you to enjoy yourself just that little bit more, so you are ready for any adventure that might come your way on the island. Some people ask what should I pack to go Mallorca? As here at the Astoria Playa we like to help our guests so they have everything they need and more, then let us help you think about what you might need during your holidays with a list of useful items to take with you according to the different activities you may want to undertake on Mallorca.





When packing everything you need for Mallorca one of the first things to consider is the weather, what will it be like during your stay? Well, the climate on the island is Mediterranean, mild during the winter months and hot in the summer, dry most of the year although the climate, being an island, it is always humid. Most months the temperatures are normally high, especially during the sunniest hours of the day. During the warmer months, May to September, you can bathe in the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea to cool off during your holidays in Mallorca.


If you come to the island during the summer season, in terms of clothing you will only need light clothing, a swimsuit, sunscreen and very little else. As for the basics, as for any trip do not forget to the essentials such as your documentation or your credit card. For some travellers, carrying a small first-aid kit is important, but even if that´s not for you, we would still recommend taking some simple items with you, such as aspirin, Band-Aids, or disinfectant. In any case, remember that wherever you go there will be pharmacies and other shops where you can buy anything you might require.


During your holidays in Mallorca, you will find many activities to choose from. We have compiled a list of just a few of the activities available and the things you need to pack if you wish to do them. However, don’t forget that what you carry in your luggage is not of the utmost importance, what is important are the experiences that you will take home with you and that you will undoubtedly enjoy sharing with your friends and family once you return.



Mallorca hiking


The island of Mallorca is ideal for hiking. Here you will find countless paths, most of them well signposted and easy to follow even without a guide. Hiking is very popular on the island and one that is also enjoyed by the locals, so there is no shortage of options suitable for all abilities. For hiking in Mallorca, you will need adequate footwear, light clothing, a backpack in which to carry your belongings comfortably and safely and an eagerness to discover the island's routes. It wouldn’t hurt to pack a cap or hat to protect you from the sun in summer, although during the hot weather we recommend you do the hiking trails early in the morning or late afternoon.



Cycling Mallorca


Another of the star activities on the island is cycling. Many visitors come to discover Mallorca on wheels, it’s a great way to get to know the island and enjoy its great beauty.  Enjoying cycling in Mallorca requires less effort than you might think. It is very popular on the island, so if you have problems thinking about what you can fit in your suitcase to go to Mallorca, don’t worry as there plenty of specialized stores where you can easily rent all the necessary equipment or sign up for guided group outings to discover Mallorca in depth. Here at the Hotel Astoria Playa, we have services specially designed for cyclists. We have a Bike Center where you can safely leave your bike in your own parking space when you arrive at the hotel, we also offer bike and equipment rental services, booking of guided tours and in fact everything you need to enjoy cycling in Mallorca.



Port d’Alcudia


Another of the activities that you cannot miss out on, during your trip to Mallorca, are the beaches. All the beaches and coves on the island offer different landscapes and all of them deserve a visit. Our hotel is located 5 mins walk from Playa de Alcudia, a wide beach with fine white sand and crystal clear waters, full of life, where you can enjoy yourself relaxing on the sun loungers or doing one of the many water activities, such as a boat trip or paddle surf. For this, you only need to pack your swimsuit, a towel, sunscreen, and a desire to spend an unforgettable day on the beach.



What to do in Alcudia?


In addition to the beach, the Hotel Astoria Playa offers many more things to do, both in the hotel itself and in its surroundings. If you are unsure what to pack in your suitcase to go to Mallorca, then only pack the essentials and enjoy a day´s shopping in Alcudia. There are some lovely clothes shops and plenty of sports shops to get anything you might need. Alcudia also some really interesting and quirky shops which are worth browsing. Do not forget to visit theold town, stroll through its historic centre, or visit one of the many local markets, one of the best ways to discover the true essence of the island and not forgetting that Alcudia has some of the best restaurants on the island,


If you want to know more about what to do in Alcudia do not hesitate to consult our hotel staff or visit our blog.