Whether you are an experienced cyclist looking for new routes to ride, a club cyclist or you are just starting out in this sport and want to putsome milesunder your wheels, Mallorca is the ideal place to cycle!


The Balearic island is renownedas one of the most popular destinations for cycling lovers. The demand for cycling in Mallorca began several years ago and one thing is for sure it is here to stay; its popularity continues to grow. If you are wondering whyit has become such a popular cycling destination, then read on!


Cycling in Mallorca

Cycling on the island has gained popularity over the years, thanks in part to the variety of cycling routes available  in Mallorca. The most expert riderscan enjoy the more complicated routes, with more significant slopes and high levels of difficulty, for beginners,or those who are not quite as experienced, there are plenty of routes to choose from. Cycling in Mallorca offers routes not only with  varied levels of difficulty but with varied landscapes; there is a ride for every type of cyclist in Mallorca.


In addition to the cycling routes androad network that Mallorca has to offer, its wonderful temperate Mediterranean climate is another fundamental reason for its popularity. With approximately 300 days of sunshine a year and relatively mild winters, Mallorca has become an ideal destination for cycling enthusiasts to enjoy their sport virtually any time of the year.Plus, nor can we forget the amazinglandscapes that you will see while touring Mallorca on two wheels,few cycling destinations  offer so much!


Cycling routes Mallorca

Currently more than 150.000 cyclists visit Mallorca every year in search of new adventures , and more and more clubs are coming to the island  to establish their winter training bases.


Muro Beach - Formentor

Playa de Muro - Formentor is a cycling route par excellence, and a must if you are coming Mallorca. Its level of difficulty is medium-high, so it is quite demanding but one thing you can count on is the spectacular views you will see on route, theywill leave you speechless.


Pollença - Andratx

Pollença- Andratx is one of the many inland routes, it passes through some of the most beautiful mountain villages in Mallorca, traversing, among others, the highest point on the island: the Puig Major. During this 110-kilometreride you will visit the coast of Pollença and as well as pass through  Sóller, Deià and Valldemossa.


Llucmajor - Santanyí

If you want to ride your bike  discovering beaches and coves in Mallorca,  then the Llucmajor - Santanyí route is the one for you, its 125 kilometres long with magnificent views and gives you the chance to have a quick cool down on one of the beaches; a route that no cyclist should miss out on.


Hotels for cyclists in Mallorca

As a consequence of the the continuingboom in cycle tourism in Mallorca,the number of hotels specializing in catering  for cyclists  has increased.


Rest assured that your hotel in Mallorca will not only have fab accommodation but will have spaces and equipment for  your cycling needs, something which is highly appreciated by all the cyclists who visit the island.Combining rest, fun, sport with the appropriate facilities is essential for a few days oftop-quality cycling in Mallorca.


Astoria Playa Hotel

At the Hotel Astoria Playa, in Alcúdia, we are very aware that many of our guest are cycling fans and we want to take care of them and let them know how important they are to us. Born out of our passion for caring for our guests and supportingtheir passion for cycling, Astoria Playa Cycling was created.


At the Astoria Playa Hotel, we have a 200 m² state of the art Bike Center with the latesthigh-tech security system where our guests can safely leave their cycles.


In addition to a parking space with a security lock for your bicycle, guests canrefill theirwater bottledaily, as well picking up an isotonic drink before they head out, bike tools and a laundry  along with access to a bike technician (the first 30 minutes free, courtesy of Astoria Playa)are availablethroughoutyour stay.


At the Astoria Playa we know it is not just a question of taking care of the bike but also of taking care of theriders, both outside and inside; our restaurant offering a wide varied of healthy dishes to keep you going.


After a day riding one of the many cycling routes in Mallorca, the Astoria Playa has everything needed for the enjoyment, rest, and comfort of our guests. The hotel has two large swimming pools where you can cool off after the day´s ride, as well as hammocks, Balinese beds, and a massage area where you can give the body the relaxation it deserves. You can enjoy some Après-bike at the Astoria lounge where you can enjoy a relaxing drink and chat about the day's ride.


After a day ofcycling around the islandwhenyour legs have ended up taking most of  the strain, we have several Jacuzzis and a hydromassage systemwith pressure jets in one of pools all designed so you can  get back on the road  the next day with your legs and yourbatteries fully recharged.


For those who want  more  privacy, or for those who want to spend their days in Mallorca with all the creature comforts, Astoria Playa hotel has suites where  you can enjoy the luxury of your own whirlpool and rest in the privacy of your own room. In addition,  the suites, have comfortable sofas so  relaxation and rest areguaranteed after a tiring dayin the saddle.


At the Astoria Playa hotel, we take care of all the details so that our guests feel at home. We want youto get the maximum rest possible  so your performance  the next day while cycling the routes in Mallorca is even better; we strive every day to achieve this for you so you can get the most out of your time cycling in Mallorca.


If you want to enjoy wonderful landscapes and incredible routes and follow in the wake of the some of the world´s finest cyclists, mixed with the ultimate in rest and comfort then  you deserve a hotel for cyclists in Mallorca. ... The Hotel Astoria Playa is your perfect hotel for your cycling days in Mallorca.


We are waiting  to welcome you with open arms!