Mallorca has become one of the most popular Cycling tourist destinations and it is not hard to understand why as the island has some very unique routes and the most attractive thing about these routes is the variety of classification and the differing levels of difficulty.

In Mallorca we find routes for the more experienced cyclist with long stretches of high elevation and with the maximum difficulty levels but on the other hand there are plenty of routes suited the beginner and the hobby cyclist.

In Mallorca the cycling routes have become one of the most important reasons to visit the island, tens of thousands of cycling enthusiasts flock to the island every year; there are routes to suit riders of all levels. The routes have gained popularity thanks to quietness of the area out of season and also to the wonderful scenery that this little part of paradise has to offer.

Routes full of contrasts

The scenery is what makes Mallorca a unique cycling experience, lovers of this sport can find routes through the Sierra de Tramuntana range of mountains; a Mallorquin wonder to be enjoyed from the seat of your bike, it is one of the most favorite landscapes on the island where one can enjoy the headlands, stretches along the ports, views across the open sea and the pure air of the mountains.  There also countless routes on secondary roads, through rural areas, inland routes where you will pass through some of the most prettiest villages on the island and routes where you enjoy the coves, cliff and beaches that the island has to offer; they all make you want to do the route again and again.

This magnificent network of cycling tracks or routes makes Mallorca a very popular destination for the professional cycling teams but as we said before there are plenty of routes to suit all tastes and capabilities hence we have selected 5 of the best routes with varying levels of difficulty.

The route to Port Pollensa via the beach at la Victoria

The route is 35.40 km with an elevation gain of 356km with its low level of difficulty it is the perfect route to enjoy the port views and  also as part of it is inland you get the chance to enjoy the contrasting scenery.

This easy route begins at Port Alcudia leaving from the Bike Center at the Astoria Playa Hotel passing through Alcanada, Es Mal Pas and the hermitage at La Victoria then on to Port Pollensa where it finishes and then back again to Port Alcudia.

The beach at La Victoria is unspoilt and untouched by man which along with its crystal clear water makes it one of those very special places you need to revisit every year.

The route to Formentor

A distance of 79.90km with an elevation gain of 1498 km, level of difficulty: intermediate it can be found in the rankings of the best cycling routes in the world, “Cycling Formentor” is one of the most searched for terms on the internet when it comes to cycling in Mallorca; it actually forms part of one of the best cycling routes in Spain.

The road route leaves from Can Picafort passing by Alcudia until it reaches the viewpoint at Formentor which is must see view for any cyclist visiting the island

The cycling route passes through Colls a Creueta, and up the Sa Talaia d´´Albercutx and it is here that the  route becomes more difficult but it is more than worth the extra push needed to reach the top when you see to see the magnificent views from there.

The Route from Playa de Muro to Coll Femenia

A distance of 78.00km with an elevation gain of 983km. level of difficulty: intermediate based on two stretches with differing difficulties, it begins at  Playa de Muro passing by Alcúdia and Port Pollensa it becomes harder as you climb Coll de femenia which is one of the most well-known colossus in the north of the island but once the climb is over the rest of the road route is a lot more comfortable and flatter as it goes inland through Caimari, Selva, Inca, Sa Pobla and back again to  Playa de Muro.

The Route from Alcudia to Cabo Formentor

A distance of 64.70km with an elevation gain of 1357km this route is very similar to the Formentor route which is second on our list but it has an added challenge which pushes its level of difficulty to high. As we mentioned before you can find this route in the rankings of the best cycling routes in the world and is a must for all experienced riders on the island. We also wanted to add a route that included Formentor but with a high level of difficulty. This routes leaves from the Bike Center at the Astoria Playa Hotel passing Port Pollensa to reach the Sa Talaia d´´Albercutx after taking in the spectacular views the route continues on the Formentor lighthouse and back down to Port Pollensa and returning once again to the Bike Center at the Astoria Playa Hotel. This route is quite possibly one of the most spectacular routes on the list with regards to the views and scenery.

The route from Alcudia to Sa Calobra

A distance of 120.20km with an elevation gain of 2762km, level of difficulty: high. This road route is especially aimed at experienced or professional riders given the high level of difficulty. An ideal place to cycle is the Sierra de Tramuntana mountain range and this route finishes after just over 120km at Sa Calobra, a cove right in the middle of the Sierra de Tramuntana Mountains. The route goes from Alcudia to Cala Tuent to Sa Calobra; if you are an experienced Cyclist then this is the route for you.

Enjoy the Cycle routes of Mallorca, nature´s paradise which welcomes with open arms all the lovers of this sport.