Weather in Alcudia June

As June arrives summer begins in Alcudia, as in all of Mallorca. Mallorca. And how do we know that? because that is what the thermometer tells us, which sometimes has nothing to do with the seasons. And even less so than in 2016, which has been characterised so far by warm temperatures throughout its first five months of this year. This trend from now on will off course increase. Since early June it has been recorded in Alcudia an average daytime temperatures of 21°C, even when it has been cloudy, and 25°C when it is sunny. The Night times remain around 18°C. This is what is often called ‘ good weather ‘ away from the most intense heat which will indeed begin in the coming days around mid-June, for this it is good to enjoy life and just walk around with minimal clothing! Only required decorum.


June in alcudia

As for the rain, where there isnt any nor are there expected to be in the coming day, except perhaps on Sunday the 12th of June. On that day itself it could record a rainfall and even a light Mediterranean storm that passes in a short time. These phenomena when they happen should be taken seriously, because, due to the island’s climate, can sometimes cause flooding despite its brevity. But that is not usual at this time of year.

In short, we expect a benign weather, perhaps (with the exception of the 12th day of the month), which will allow you to enjoy excellent days on the beach in Alcudia.