The question that you will now have to make and be sure to have a positive answer is: Would you like to see live? Queen, Coldplay and Metallica? A good line up! Is not it? Well that’s not exactly what will be on offer in Alcudia , it is not possible, but at least you can enjoy three tribute bands that play to these great figures of rock’n’roll , and they will be coming very soon, so do not miss it!

On the 16th of July, from 22:00 in the Plaza de Toros in the town of Alcudia , you will be offered this unique concert, headlined by God Save the Queen, who will be performing all the greatest hits of Queen from the “25th Memorial Queen World Tour 2016” And also they will be joined by Coldplay performing some of the most famous repertoire of the band, and Trallery , playing like no one else Metallica ‘s greatest hits . It will be a totally rocking night where enjoyment is guaranteed, even though it won’t be by the original hands!

In Mallorca during the summer months there are many concerts of all kinds, with international groups and local bands. We are not a very big island and therefore the band scene is not too bad given the size of the island. Throughout the summer you can go look at various websites with entertainment guides, or download the app Mallorca Runnaway, which provides information about what happens on the island in ten languages, and thus can keep you updated and you can choose on what you most want. Boredom is definately out!

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