Discover Alcudia

In Alcudia, during summer, tours of the historic center are available where you will see a group of actors portraying different scenes that tell the story of this village. The animation is called ‘ Via Fora ‘ and this year it begins on Thursday, the 14th ofJuly and repeated on the 28th of July. And do not think that you will not be able to understand what they say just because they are speaking another language, everything is planned, please consult the audio guide ( the link is below) or download the app by looking for “Experience Alcudia” in Google Play, and discover all the secrets of this magnificent place of Mallorca .

Besides going to the beach, our holidays are also a good opportunity to learn more about the culture and customs of other countries and places that our different from ours. You can enjoy those differences and the variety. Therefore, “Via Fora” is designed for all ages and nationalities, and this is also why the tour of the interior walls is fully dramatised, so that no one will have trouble immersing themselves in the past and in the life of the characters in this historic town.

The start is always at 21:00 hrs in the Porta des Moll, the procession passes by the church of Sant Jaume,and the door of Sant Sebastian , down the road of Ronda and the bridge “La Vila Roja”. Visits include the participation of seven actors and twenty fully characterised extras as the fashion and customs of each era are represented. In addition, there is live music at your disposal by a group of half a dozen musicians and a singer.

The experience ‘”Via Fora” has been designed with the collaboration of historians and writers, so it is a well-documented route showing situations that happened in reality as closely as possible to the facts that are narrated and survived to this day . What is certain is that you will spend a different and very pleasant moments’ discovering all that Alcudia was and how it has become the tourist destination it is today.

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