Weather in Alcudia in July

The weather will remain very nice in Alcudia and all the north of Mallorca during the second half of July, following the trend set so far for this summer, and even for the rest of 2016, this is a year in which it rained very little and temperatures have been high in general. Still, the island has not suffered so far from any of the numerous African heat waves received in 2015, hopefully this trend will continue.

The third week of July begins with daytime temperatures which can be considered mild, but that will evolve from Tuesday the 19th, when the temperatures will reach 30ºC, while the next day will provide approximately 35ºC. These indicators are typical for this time of the year, they advise long days at the beach or pool for visitors, without losing a moment in the sun. The average for the second half will be above 30ºC during the day and above 20ºC for the night times.

No Rain in July

As for rainfall, no precipitation is expected at all throughout the second half of July, without any exceptions. The component of the winds will be weak or moderate from East and Southeast, while the humidity is high throughout the entire period, exceeding 80% during the day. This will cause the heat index to be higher than the actual temperature to be recorded at this time, thus increasing the heat that we receive for residents and visitors.

Therefore, it is advisable to wear light and flimsy clothes, with short sleeves and legs, a hat or visor and sunglasses if you are going to spend a lot of time outdoors. In the hottest normally between 12noon and 3pm you should take shelter in the shade. It is very important to always bring a bottle of water with you to avoid dehydration and, if you are going sunbathing, do not forget a good sunscreen.

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