Restaurants in Alcudia


In the Port of Alcudia there are many restaurants, their numbers are close to 200. Therefore, when it comes to choosing a restaurant for lunch or dinner after having a relaxing holiday day, the decision can be difficult to make, how can we decide which is the best? Then we will give you some ideas, based on what customers have rated on Trip Advisor, it is only an indication, your ideal restaurant in the area could be any other.

The best reviews is Sa Roqueta Wine & Food, which specialises in Mediterranean cuisine with an emphasis on Italian cuisine and as indicated from its name, it has a wide range of good wines to choose from to accompany their delicious dishes, characterised by its elegance. Highlights include pasta and pizza, which are totally home made, but they also offer quality good fresh fish, among many other things.

The next on the list has a promising name: “Como en Casa” which means “Eating at Home”, and features a menu based on an international cuisine, but can also be said to have a Mediterranean influence, which is normal in restaurants in Mallorca . It is known for offering home cooking, but with increasingly elaborate dishes. It has a covered terrace area which is very nice, perfect for relaxing after a day at the beach or pool and having dinner with views overlooking the magnificent villa

Third is Smith’s Café Bar Restaurant, with a lighter menu where you can choose from nachos and pizzas to salads and pasta. And do not forget that they make cocktails which have been highly valued by customers. It also offers live music, which is always a great incentive.

If you prefer exotic food in the Port of Alcudia there is also the Nepalese Himalaya Indian Restaurant, with specialties typical of that part of the world and its variety is highlighted in its menu. And, the fifth in the ranking on TripAdvisor restaurants for this area is a restaurant dedicated to Spanish cuisine, with great presence of fresh seafood. It called Posidonia Restaurante Mar i Terra and also offers a lunch menu that is considered exceptional.