Weather Alcudia in August

The month of August begins with a summer storm that is scheduled for the morning of Monday the 1st of August, and afterwards for the rest of the day it will be sunny. Although the weather instability will continue on the Tuesday with light rain. In addition, the maximum temperatures will also fall slightly in that period, from 32°C/33 °C to approximately 27ºC/28ºC these are the moments of maximum instability.This means that despite the rains and the electrical storms, the heat will remain; it will only slightly be attenuated, reaching highs of 30°C for the rest of the fortnight. In fact, the rest of the first two weeks of August will be characterised by the usual weather for this time of year, with clear, sunny skies, warm daytime temperatures and at nightime slightly less, standing slightly below 26 °C, which guarantees a pleasant night’s sleep.

It should be noted that the storms which are expected for the first two days of August are completely normal in the Majorcan summer, and despite them limiting some possibilities of enjoying going to the beach and sunbathing and swimming, you can also enjoy another way of Alcudia and its surroundings. And the hotels in the area also offer numerous possibilities of leisure activities for their guests. In addition, the phenomenon foreseen for these upcoming dates is its notable for its brevity. It is important to follow the weather forecasts and respect the warning signs of the flags on the beaches.

Tourists who do not know the peculiarities of the Mediterranean climate sometimes get into trouble for not doing so. When there is a storm, it is best to stay in the hotels; it doesn’t take long for it to pass. Neither is it a good idea to decide to visit Palma, because it usually occurs simultaneously to a large number of visitors and you can find that the entrances to the city are congested.