Mallorcan Beaches Alcudia

Alcudia beach

This the beach with the easiest access that Alcúdia has to offer, it is characterized by the wide variety of restaurants along its shore. It is without a doubt one of the cleanest and most secure beaches, one where you are able to enjoy the whole day on the beach without any problems whatsoever.


A small beach famous for its stony cove, located 1.5 miles from Mal Pas on the way to La Victoria, we recommend you wear footwear when swimming as the pebbles can be slippery underfoot, it’s a real hidden gem, a beautiful place to enjoy a picnic or explore the small island just off the beach.

Coll Baix

It is one of the most difficult beaches to get to but every mile it takes to get there is rewarded by its extraordinary beauty. Coll Baix can be reached in two ways, first by truck on a very narrow rocky road or second by taking a hiking trail. Coll baix is a pebble beach situated in a cove of exceptional charm, especially for those looking for tranquillity and privacy.

Platja de Sant Joan

It is one of the most beautiful beaches Alcúdia has to offer, but its ease of access can make it quite busy at times, so often you will find yourself surrounded by several groups of people all enjoying the beauty this beach has to offer.