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Astoria Playa: Your adults-only hotel in Alcúdia

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The Northern Region Of Mallorca

Whether you are looking for the perfect place for a honeymoon or are just looking for somewhere exotic to take the family, then look no further than the town of Alcúdia, famous for its wonderful Mediterranean beaches. Here you will find a huge variety of places to entertain you, the only thing that’s missing is the time to enjoy them all!

Alcúdia in recent years has become famous thanks to its cultural events, the outstanding beauty of its landscapes and its great history, but best of all, you can enjoy Alcúdia all the year round and take delight in its landscapes throughout the different seasons.

What to do in Alcúdia

There are many activities to do in this fabulous town, the ones that stand out the most, or are preferred by those visiting the area, are those involving contact with nature and guided tours showing and explaining the historical gems of the region.

Activities in Alcúdia

Alcúdia´s main attraction is its beach and all the activities associated with it; hiring a boat, swimming, diving and so much more. However, Alcúdia is not just a beach resort, it has lots more to offer including a wide variety of restaurants, craft shops, boutiques, Mallorcan specialties and beautiful terraces where one can appreciate the wonderful gardens. But, what really makes a visit to Alcúdia town quite unique is a stroll around its medieval houses, its town hall and of course its famous walls.
Other free activities that can be found throughout the year, are outdoor concerts and theatrical productions, so don´t panic if when strolling through Alcúdia you come across people dressed in historical costumes or a group of musicians playing classical music or jazz; this is quite a common occurrence. If you would like to know more about when these events take place, pop into any tourist office where they will be more than happy to help you.

Alcúdia Beaches

As we already mentioned above, Alcúdia is famous for its beaches, each one different from the other, each offering different daytime and night-time activities, making them truly unique. In the following paragraphs, we will take a closer look at the four most important of Alcúdia´s beaches.

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Alcudia Beach

This the beach with the easiest access that Alcúdia has to offer, it is characterized by the wide variety of restaurants along its shore. It is without a doubt one of the cleanest and most secure beaches, one where you are able to enjoy the whole day on the beach without any problems whatsoever.

S' Illot

A small beach famous for its stony cove, located 1.5miles from Mal Pas on the way to La Victoria, we recommend you wear footwear when swimming as the pebbles can be slippery underfoot, it’s a real hidden gem, a beautiful place to enjoy a picnic or explore the small island just off the beach.

Coll Baix

It is one of the most difficult beaches to get to but every mile it takes to get there is rewarded by its extraordinary beauty. Coll Baix can be reached in two ways, first by truck on a very narrow rocky road or second by taking a hiking trail. Coll Baix is a pebble beach situated in a cove of exceptional charm, especially for those looking for tranquillity and privacy.

Platja de Sant Joan

It is one of the most beautiful beaches Alcúdia has to offer, but its ease of access can make it quite busy at times, so often you will find yourself surrounded by several groups of people all enjoying the beauty this beach has to offer.

Activities and entertainment in Alcúdia
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Discover new sensations …

The Astoria Playa, a hotel where you can enjoy tasting the finest of wines, a hotel where peace reigns and the warm comfort of our rooms will make your stay with us refreshing and pleasant. With a world of amenities to make you feel as pampered as one of our most precious wines.

Golf in

Astoria Active - Golf

Mallorca is a perfect place to enjoy golf thanks to its climate. Added to this is the number of courses available on the island, so it is no wonder that golfers choose Mallorca as a holiday destination. We are aware of this and offer our customers a selection of the best golf courses so they can enjoy playing their favorite sport: Club Alcanada, Golf Maioris, Son Gual Golf, Capdepera Golf and Golf Son Quint plus many others.

Cycling in Mallorca

Bike Center Astoria

Cycling in Mallorca is one of the main tourist activities on the island, cycling tourism has played a vital role in the evolution of tourism in Mallorca. At the Astoria Playa, we understand how important cycling is and that is we have equipped our 200m2 bike centre with the latest in cycling technology. We have also teamed up with Wheelssport, a local family business specialising in Cycling, to provide our guests with the best cycling experience.

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